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Start to Finish

TerraGo Streetlights gives you custom applications with out-of-the-box features that are operationally-proven for smart streetlight projects. From instant configuration and commissioning, to providing a bird’s eye view of lights, poles, warehouses and work crews, TerraGo Streetlights gives you everything you need for easy installs and hassle-free maintenance.

Easy for your crews. Faster for your customer.

With a tap on their phone, crews can easily navigate to poles and quickly install streetlights. Supervisors can manage it all with a dashboard that displays the current status of each node and location of each crew. And your customers get the dynamic progress reports that say everything’s on track.

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Partnering for Customer Success

TerraGo’s partnership with Itron accelerates deployments and improves your ROI. Our integration with Streetlight.Vision (SLV), Itron’s central management platform, enables real-time data validation and commissioning, so you can start preventing errors before they occur, and stop re-rolling trucks for return trips that introduce expensive delays and disrupt deployment schedules.

Streetlight.Vision Integration

Field crews can instantly capture the MAC ID and automatically trigger SLV commissioning from their phone or tablet. The software runs quality-check algorithms to make sure the right configuration is applied to the right node, in the right location, providing the real-time quality and efficiency you can only achieve with integration.

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Smart 50 Award Winner

Ameresco and TerraGo were named Smart 50 Award winners for the mobile application used to successfully install over 10,000 networked LED lights in Richmond Hill, which will save about $1 million and 575 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, while enabling future smart city applications with Itron’s Streetlight.Vision CMS.

Connect Lights Without a Connection

With Ameresco’s applications, powered by TerraGo Streetlights, field crews in Chicago and Toronto projects enjoy Over-the-Air commissioning which occurs automatically when connected to the network, but most importantly it keeps working when off the grid or in a “dead zone” so crews can fully complete the installation work even when offline.

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Open for Business

With a tap on their TerraGo Streetlights app, users can easily import pole location data from GIS systems like Esri’s ArcGIS, instantly commission lights with Central Management Systems like Itron’s Streetlight.Vision and update work orders from any number of leading asset management systems.


TerraGo’s application framework is designed for integration and offers the industry’s most popular cross-platform architecture with the TerraGo REST API. Customers enjoy the benefits of an open architecture that leverages their current enterprise platform investments, while avoiding vendor lock-in, data silos and expensive systems integration work.

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Easy Workflow Configuration

TerraGo Streetlights offers an advanced configurable workflow system. Workflows are configured with the server’s drag and drop, zero-code workflow editor, and attached to each streetlight record. The powerful conditional logic that’s built into the workflows enables rapid installations and maintenance while ensuring data quality.

Zero-Code Customization

TerraGo is the only vendor in the industry providing software that is designed to deliver proven smart streetlight features within a zero-code customizable framework, so customers can truly get the best of both worlds. Customers get a fully-branded custom application that is operationally-proven AND tailored to their unique requirements.

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